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Kim Bouchard

Co-Founder | Owner

As the Co-Founder and Owner of Minerva Space Technologies, Kim Bouchard brings over 25 years of operations, human resources, management, and executive leadership to the team. Minerva Space Technologies is a space domain awareness data-centric company with planned operational satellites and sensors in GEO and cislunar space to analyze, secure, and execute complex space operations focused on both national security and commercial operations in space.

Prior to Minerva Space Technologies, Kim was instrumental in the operations and leadership of several technology business ventures co-founded with her husband and business partner, Sir Michael L. Bouchard. These business ventures include SecureAxxess which owns, manages, and leases the rights to 3.65 - 3.70 GHz range of the 5G spectrum in the continental United States to take fast, reliable, secure 5G wireless connectivity to urban, rural, and tribal locations nationwide, helping to close the digital divide and enable everyone to more fully participate in modern life.

Prior to SecureAxxess, Kim was Operations Executive at Third-Rail Systems, an advanced broadband communications company that was later acquired by DataPath, Inc. where they developed next-generation WiMAX for WPPL-D replacement with enhanced FIPS encryption for military wireless communications.

In addition to these successful technology business ventures, Kim’s extensive experience includes operations, management, and human resources positions at Tenney Mountain Development Group, LLC, The Bouchard Academy and The Bouchard Fund.

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