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We are a space domain awareness data-centric company with planned satellites and sensors deployed from GEO to cislunar space

Minerva Space Technologies is building a one-stop marketplace to create, buy, and trade AI/AR augmented critical space infrastructure digitally certified assets (NFAs).


We are building a data ecosystem with industry partners to securely exchange validated and authenticated Resident Space Object (RSO) data for commercial and national defense SDA applications.



Space is the next commercial and national security arena hidden in plain sight.

The United States' global competitive advantage and national security depend largely on how we protect our critical spaceborne infrastructure against not only the inevitable malicious actors but also the growing threat of collisions with other space assets or debris. 

As owners, operators move to assemble and repair spaceborne assets in space, they, (along with insurers) will need an unbiased third-party to certify that the work performed on space assets is done properly.

Minerva is developing space-borne solutions to monitor, manage and mitigate these new challenges in space for both commercial and government customers alike.

Minerva's NFAs will provide the unbiased, validated and secure data needed to protect our critical spaceborne infrastructure.


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